AIRTLS   FIRST E-sportball for official matches
Unique: Sensors at the centre of the ball determine 3D position, spin, acceleration and pressure. The sensor only weighs 2 gram compared to 440g weight of the soccer ball. The flight path of the sport ball in un-affected by the sensor. Charging via magnetic contact. Operating for 5 hours per charge. In low update mode even for a few months. Goal line detection at no extra cost: GLD
Analyse player position relative to the ball in realtime. PSV (Holland nr 1 team) player tracking video
Measure and practice shooting curved ball analysing the leg movement prior to shooting.
Basketball and handball follow later in 2019

AIRTLS   Sportteam tracking & motion capture, Kinematics, Realtime muscle strain
Unique: determine the forces on knee joint and mussles of high value athletes.
Combining accurate UWB position with motion capture (mocap) provide the data to model internal body forces. A sensor is placed between sock and shinguard for maximum comfort. These forces indicate stresses in hamstring muscle and knee joint loading during training. Vital data to keep high value athletes in one piece. Data is avaliable in realtime for the trainer/coach. AIRTLS provide the technology. Meet us at CES 2019 at the holland pavillion for a demo and more information.

AIRTLS   Broadcasting
Realtime tracking for broadcasters require low latency (sub 200ms). All fixed installed anchors operate wireless. Advanced middle ware monitors the system, checks anchors positions constantly. Location engine determines the position within 0.1second. Redundant services for high availability provide failover capacity. Anchors can also contain a small linux server to contain run the application software. This way the IT department is not required to be involved.

AIRTLS   Realworld E-Gaming
Planned for late 2019 introduction a way for sportsteam to play against the next weekend opponent in advance. Made possible by capturing behaviour, style, insight, capabilities and endurance with IoT (UWB IMU) sensors. Accurate tracking is done by ultrawide band and motion capture of the lower legs by motion sensors. All packaged in a small device placed between sock and shinguard. The tracked UWB-E-sport ball completes the dataset. The recording system on the field is cost effective, solar powered, easy to install and 3D. Most important it solves the problem of camera based systems loosing the ball or player by obstruction of view. Heart rate data from the player already requires a sensor so best is to extend the sensor system with more advanced technology.
A gaming revolution is about to start with realworld gaming. The console player acts and plays the same way thanks to machine learning and sensors.
AI sample video. These players learned offense and defense using machine learning. Compare your own play to what a knowledgeable drone would have done.

GLT Goal line detection
AI artificial intelligence

RIO 2016 olympics

Live tracking of athletes

Accurate 3D UWB mocap

UWB & Motion capture


Full field 2D performance PSV