Most accurate 3D tracking system in the market

20% more accurate
Using low noise powersupplies, special board design and an array of additional measures the accuracy compared to standard DWM1001 is improved by another 20%.

80+% more range
Using special RF electronic design and improved antenna designs range is increased by 90+%.
DWM1000: 6.8Mbps: 80m LOS and BER 0.5% (standard Decawave module)
DWM1001-PRO: 6.8Mbps: 160m (pincompatible with DWM1000
Horn antenna: 6.8Mbps: 800m TWR to PS65 tag

Firmware, an advanced 3D location engine and use of motion capture improves 3D accuracy to within centimeter range.

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is the best worldwide radio standard to perform localization. Unique features of AIRTLS:
  • Infiniscale (endless wireless system extension
  • 32 Hz tag tracking in 3D
  • 160 Hz Motion capture
  • 14 bit
  • cm accuracy
  • BT 5.0
  • pressure sensor
  • field, stadium coverage
  • AI behavioural learning(*)
  • FiFa Pro UWB sensor ball
Highest accuracy in the market
Confirmed by external labs and IEEE
IEEE 7518395 ABB openRTLS report on UWB market