UWB facts and figures

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is the best worldwide radio standard to perform localization. Locate tagged objects with sub 10cm accuracy, at a distance of >1km, at a cost of 1 to 6 €/m2. This makes it functionally and economically viable to deploy indoor, outdoor, in volume, or in difficult-to-access locations.

19 Unique features of AIRTLS
  • Full wireless solution, minimize cables
  • LTE proof (5G, 2019 EU rollout) with special RF frontend design
  • Distance + arrival angle (3° accuracy 2D or 3D)
  • LTE proof (5G, 2019 EU rollout) with special RF frontend design
  • Distance + arrival angle (3° accuracy 2D or 3D)
  • Automatic deployment (no need for calibration)
  • 2.1cm accuracy (bias error).
  • 2 to 30cm position accuracy (depends on environment)
  • Mems sensorfusion (UWB + motion analysis) for sub cm accuracy
  • World smallest tag with all sensors build in
  • World lowest idle current 95nA, RTC&RAM=on
  • Anchors use 1 Watt (easy to solar power)
  • Wired and wireless synchronisation
  • Continuous signal quality and strength evaluation
  • AES-256 encryption
  • White labelling possible
  • Opensource tag designs
  • Top1 in decawave human wearable ranking
  • No annual fee for RTLS software
  • Highest update rate 4500 updates/sec/channel
  • Longest range >1.1km, 6.8Mbps (horn antenna)
  • All "magic" happens inside the box (dual core 1GHz/anchor option, distributed edge computing); no need for the IT department or external servers
As a result of accurate location information, businesses can make considerable improvements in costs, service and profits. The decawave DW1000 UWB transceiver capability is unrivalled in the market and has multiple key advantages: Location precision: locating of tagged items to within 5cm indoors, even while moving at speeds up to mach 1, 1225km/h [340m/s] Density: Supports the accurate location of max 7500 items per second in a >100m radius Maximum amount of tracked tags: no-limit Communications / location range: Communicates over ranges of up to 300 m LOS (at 110 kbps, 850 kbps and 6.8 Mbps) with special antenna > 1km; Low power: DW1000 can operate up to 10 years from 1 battery charge depending on the mode of operation; Low cost: Small package size and competitive pricing; Future proofing; solution based on IEEE802.15.4-2011 worldwide standard.

Welcome to AIRTLS

Need full control over the whereabouts of your items? AIRTLS group has the product for you. It provides:

  • effortless installation
  • accurate tracking
  • and is cost effective.
AIRTLS is here to help realize the awesome business ideas our clients bring forward. AIRTLS BV develops, manufacture, supply and support cost effective accurate standard and custom RTLS solutions. Based on proven ESA space technology combined with motion sensors to achieve sub cm accuracy. Our RTLS technology is designed for seamless integration with third party applications software. Or develop your own using the open programming interface. No annual license or other fees apply. White labelling RTLS hardware enables branding your own productline.


UWB the AIRTLS way: results

AIRTLS offers a broad array of solutions for enterprises to locate, track and manage assets, inventory, staff and visitors. Results from over 150 implementation by AIRTLS group companies and partners shows:

  • 5-20% total cost saving in warehouse operations in goods tracking and zero accident on forklift safety
  • 2-6% higher workforce efficiency in construction
  • 90% decrease in seach time for tools in smart factory application.
  • 100% reliable tool allocation in wafer fabs
Human performance evaluation in sports and mout (military) With AIRTLS solutions you always know the location of the most critical corporate resources, assets and people - anytime, anywhere. The Real time visibility of assets and people allows you to improve the overall workflow, levels of security and customer service. Whether you are looking for a solution for hospital asset tracking, retail analytics, visitor security tracking, staff safety or other people tracking solutions, we know how to establish a surefire way to increase visibility and measurability.